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Dodge Pecan Company, Inc. was established by Gene Giddens, Sr. in 1997 in Eastman, Georgia – the seat of Dodge County.

Mr. Giddens began his pecan career in 1994 as a hobby after retirement. He was a Navy Veteran and an avid salesman all his life and enjoyed the outdoors.  Mr. Giddens leased a pecan orchard and he began harvesting Georgia pecans in his spare time and learning all he could about pecans.   Having sold signs for Stuckey’s (founded in Eastman also, and home of the original Pecan Log Roll) for many years, pecans had become of some interest to him.  Eastman had not had a pecan buying station for many years so Gene decided to open one in 1997 after traveling out of town for several years to sell his pecans.

Gene lost his battle with cancer in May 2017 but Dodge Pecan will remain in business as usual as his oldest daughter Victoria and his oldest grandchild Michael will carry on the family tradition. Great grandson Jackson has already begun to learn the family business as he will one day carry on Gene’s legacy of buying and selling fresh Georgia pecans.



We’ve been in the business of buying fresh Georgia pecan’s directly from local farmers and distributing them throughout the world for over 20 years. We take a great deal of pride in the freshness and quality of our Georgia pecans and carry most varieties.

We sell pecans in bulk, or in 1lb packages – and will deliver them exactly how you want them; medium, fine, or halves – or if you’d like to shell them yourself we’ll send you a bag in the shell.

We are passionate about our pecans, and we think you will be too.

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